Fagor Arrasate

Javier Acosta

R&D Composite Project Manager


Manufacturing cost comparison of RTM, HP-RTM and CRTM for an automotive roof in a mass production case.

The manufacturing cost of conventional Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), High Pressure RTM (HP-RTM) and Compression RTM (CRTM) have been analyzed for an automotive roof case. Results from process simulation have been used to define the cycle time, equipment specifications and layout of each technology.

The filling time for RTM is 5 times more than for HP-RTM and 12 times more for CRTM. The main consequence of the shorter injection times of CRTM is that higher molding temperature can be used, reducing the total cycle time per part. Consequently, for 90,000 parts/year the RTM cell should be equipped with more presses and molds, than for HP-RTM and just one for a CRTM cell.

The number of presses/molds is more dominant roof cost than other concepts. The total roof cost, taking the CRTM as reference, are much higher for HP-RTM and RTM.